The Caregiver’s Toolbox is your guide to cool apps and online tools, insider tips on how to reduce your medical bills, your privacy rights as a caregiver, where to go for free and low-cost help, and much more. It clearly shows which tools will relieve your stress, and those that may add stress. The authors dedicate much of their professional lives to helping people navigate the healthcare matrix.

In selecting the apps and healthy living tools for you, we tested them against eight factors:

  • Is the app built from a reliable company?
  • Has it been successfully tested to play well in the iPhone, Android, or Windows environments?
  • Is it secure?
  • Is it affordable?
  • Is it relevant to the caregiver?
  • Does it provide warnings before you destroy important information?
  • Are graphics pleasant to the user?
  • Is it fast?


Sample Tool: Table 1.1 from Chapter 1

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