This app allows ordinary citizens to turn into superheros. EMS has been called, but they may be miles away while you are in the same building or next door and can get to a fallen citizen quickly. With this app on your digital device, you receive directions on how to administer CPR and find the nearest automated external defibrillator (AED).

Download the app at www.pulsepoint.org. Upon download, connect with a nearby organization with trained CPR individuals on hand. You also can receive alerts providing you with the location of citizens needing help.

What we loved: Organizations can register their location as one where employees are trained to perform CPR and have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on location.



Wear your Greatcall Splash like a lanyard waterproof enough to wear in the shower or lightweight enough to carry in your pocket. This medical alert also serves as a security tool with one button push to immediately get connected to agents who can provide help.

Monthly subscription prices vary from $19.95 to $49.95.

What We Loved: Five Star Medical Alert agents stabilize your loved one, get roadside assistance, or find a locksmith. Agents also contact caregivers to let them know where your loved one has been transported. Invaluable for long distance caregivers.

Cardio Buddy

Cardio Buddy App Store

When using the camera sensor within your digital device, this app allows you to immediately capture your heart rate from a distance.

What We Loved: In the event a loved one has collapsed and you cannot get a pulse, capture heart rate details using this app and provide them to the EMS team while they are en route. $1.99 for the app with upgrades available.



An essential app for busy caregivers managing multiple family calendars, doctor appointments, grocery shopping lists, family journals, and much more.

What we loved: You can find Cozi as one of the more popular scheduling apps along with Outlook and iCal. Combine your family’s schedule and get an email list of everyone’s schedule at the beginning of each week.